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New Orleans Louisiana Hurricane Lawyers

Storm Damage Insurance Claim Attorneys in New Orleans, Louisiana

You depend on your insurance provider to take care of you after a powerful storm damages your home or business. As a company looking to make profits, though, your insurer might try unacceptable tactics to deny or devalue your claim, putting you into financial limbo.

When an insurance company is giving you a difficult time or disrespecting your storm damage insurance claim, turn to the Louisiana storm damage attorneys of The Chopin Law Firm LLC. Backed by more than five decades of combined experience, we have what it takes to go head-to-head with stubborn insurance companies, including nationwide brands with dedicated legal departments to shut down claims. Whether your home or business was devastated in a storm, flood, or hurricane, we want to be the legal team you call first for assistance with your claim.

Dial (504) 475-2429 right now to discuss your storm damage insurance case with one of our attorneys.

How We Help Storm Damage Insurance Claimants

Our Louisiana storm damage claim lawyers focus on helping clients who have already filed a claim but are now encountering unexpected issues due to insurance company interference. We can stand up for you when the future suddenly seems uncertain. You should feel free to focus on other parts of your life, like your job, business, education, or family, while we get to work on your case because we can manage all aspects of it from start to finish.

Let us know if your storm damage insurance provider has:

  • Denied your claim: Claim denials are not inherently incorrect, but, in many cases, denials are made arbitrarily or through some misinterpretation of a policy’s rules. We can challenge insurance companies who have wrongfully denied your storm damage claim and demand full compensation for your owed coverage and possibly additional damages for the hardship the wrongful denial caused you.
  • Delayed owed payments: An insurance bad faith tactic we have seen often as property damage insurance attorneys is delaying payments once they are approved. Some insurers wait as long as legally possible – or longer – before giving payment or settlement to a policyholder. The objective might be to hope you lose track of the payments and not realize you have not been fully compensated.
  • Undervalued the damages: Insurance companies will send an adjuster to your home or business after a storm to see the extent of the damage up close. Dishonest insurance adjusters can intentionally undervalue the total damages by downplaying the severity of the damage or insist that some of the damage existed before the storm passed.
  • Threatened to cancel your policy: After a storm tears across a stretch of Louisiana, some people are shocked to get a notification that their policy coverage will soon be canceled. This tactic is used to try to escape all accountability by dropping the claimant before they have a chance to file a storm damage insurance claim.

Start with a Free Case Evaluation

Would you like to know more about your rights as a storm damage policyholder after your insurance provider denied, undervalued, or delayed your claim? You can start by dialing (504) 475-2429 and scheduling a free case evaluation with The Chopin Law Firm LLC. Our Louisiana storm damage lawyers can review the key details of your policy and any letters from your insurer to determine if you should be pursuing an appeal or lawsuit.

Hurricane Laura Claims

We are currently hearing from clients who have been affected by Hurricane Laura, which tore through Louisiana in late August 2020. If you need help preparing, filing, or following through with your Hurricane Laura damage claim, then do not hesitate to reach out to our law firm.

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